violences de la police Grecque qui matraque les citoyens pour leur faire accepter les universités privées

mmSNCS-FSU2 avril 2007

devant une mobilisation qui ne faiblit pas dans la société Grecque pour refuser le développement d’universités privées, le gouvernement lache sa police sur les manifestants

Accusation against the police for savage attacks on demonstrators

The mobilizations of Greek university students and technological universities, as well as of their teachers and the teachers from all educational degrees, are still on, unrelenting.
After the positive development, that the educational movement succeed with the non revision of the article 16 of the Greek Constitution, which would allow the foundation of private universities, the Government vote for in the Parliament, with all the other Greek political parties absent, a new Frame – Law for the Tertiary Education, which promotes conditions of obvious “business” like operation within the universities with managers, discretionary state financing, retrenchment of free books as well as derogation of the university asylum and free syndicalism of students. This law imposes conditions and “directions” to the privatization of universities.
In parallel, the report of the National Board of Education for the Secondary Education, in the name of the economic self contained of the school units, suggested the institutionalization of managers within, aiming on finding sponsoring for school units self – financing, as well as the connection of state financing with the evaluation results of the school units.
The carriage and the realization of the new law for Technical – Vocational Education, leads to its multi decomposition and further degradation, in favor of the early specialization and the disintegration of the educational and professional rights of vocational’ s education graduates.
On Thursday 8/3/07, as in every week from the 10th of January, a great demonstration took place, even greater than former, with participation of university students, teachers, and employees against the reactionary, antidemocratic, and unconstitutional Frame – Law. The Government used the police forces to escalate violence and suppression, more than any other time, by expressing a unique brutality.
Police forces taking advantage of sporadic acts from groups which had nothing to do with the student movement, turned exclusively against the demonstrators with chemicals, ruthless beating with bludgeons, and several arrests amongst students.
The police forces by carrying out governmental orders for suppression of the demonstration by all means, did not hesitate to attack against demonstrators. They detach and surround the demonstrators groups, without leaving them ways of escaping. They attacked them with brutal aggressiveness and inhuman behavior, causing injuries to hundreds of students, even unionists and fighters of the educational movement, among them Kalomoiris Grigoris, General Secretary of OLME.
We are accusing the police of using excessive violence, in order to suppress and terrorize all those, who are reacting against the dangerous and antidemocratic downgrade of the government. We are accusing, also, the arbitrariness and the inhuman behavior of the Procurator on duty, whom prevent the arrested students from exercising their legal rights. He denied them to see their lawyers and parents.
Government is afraid, because ten months now, the movement of students and teachers, is blockading the anti-educational policy, and still continue the fights to further prevent it.
We are calling all the educational trade unions and federations from Europe and worldwide to express their solidarity and support, to the student and teachers movement in Greece, by condemning the governmental and police brutality against them.

For the E.B. of OLME
The President The General Secretary
Dimitris Georgas Grigoris Kalomoiris

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